Igor Lanko's avatar Igor Lanko

Collecta, Dropbox for inspiration

A place for designers to capture and organize inspiration. Something I always wanted myself, but none of the existing tools were covering it.

My role

Designer, frontend dev, founder.

Set goals

Validate and build the inspiration organization app idea.


600 subscribers, 35 DAU at launch, 10 Stripe subscribers (3 yearly!) at launch.


Jul, 2020—Oct, 2020

Capture with the desktop app

First, how do you get stuff in there? It’s not Pinterest, it doesn’t have billions of images hooked up to a fancy search algorithm. It’s your own private space that you curate.

I designed a desktop app, and later a Chromium extension.

Organize on the web

Reason it’s different from say Dropbox (apart from the obvious) is that one entity (for now only images) can live in multiple places, unlike traditional folders.

Logged in home view of user's images.
Collection contents are visible and interactive from the main directory.
Product design collection page that I have.

Notice how certain images have multiple tags below them? Those are collections, the same as this “product design” one.

And here’s our “product design” screenshot that also lives in the “hero” collection.

Find again

Because single thing can live anywhere, it actually increases the chances of finding something simply because tags ARE collections (like folders, but better).

Plus remember step one? So it knows where did you take sscreenshot from.

Notice the URL in the top right—that's where I took that screenshot from.

How did we do the launch

I did a few product launches as a contractor, but never as a founder. So this was very new and exciting.

  • Denys and I didn’t write a single line of code until we got the landing page working. 600 subscribers in the first two days after the launch on Betalist.com and in a few subject-related communities.
  • I recorded a short intro about the product for the hero demo CTA.
  • Did a little interview with some friends over at ”MVP launch“.